An Old Story by an Older Name

Writing about Homophobia: Or, Would I have Submitted a Different Take? [Spoiler Alert: Yes]

Clipping from NMSU Round Up, September 17, 2009

Text from Clipping [In Progress]

An online report posted on Sunday by the Las Cruces Sun-News stated that, after being asked to leave the student union cafeteria for disorderly conduct, an NMSU basketball player [name redacted] called an NMSU employee a “fag.”

Mr. [Name Redacted]’s words wound deeper than he may know. While living in Garcia Hall in 2001, my friend and I were victims of a vicious hat crime. After assaulting me, the assailants went back to my friend’s room and beat him, all while calling him a faggot. It is a word that is derisive and demeaning [I cringe at this comparison] as any racial slur uttered by bigots. As communities that pride themselves of diversity of all types, Las Cruces and NMSU should not abide by his callous remarks.

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