Sylvia, an Interview

(This is actually a song I’m composing. I wanted to share.)

How did it feel back at Stonewall?
Right. But you’d never have known.
How many times did police take your body
when all of the violence was sown?
Fuck, I can’t even imagine.
What? You’re mostly a star.
You taught us: violence only breeds violence
When “the people” erase who you are.


Reaching out, feeling for something.
STAR, a fighter, a riot ignitor.
Someone to hold through the dark.

Have you been feeling well lately?
Plenty of water? Taking your time?
Just something I heard about:
Self-Care. And I care about
repairing you, so think about
yourself, for a change.
Haven’t things changed for the better?
Rather, where is the movement thus far?
It’s hard to be cool with a larger endeavor
on a street, in a box, under bridges, on the rocks.


Thank you. It’s nice that we chatted.
Women seem to make all the difference.
And I’ll hold this space
as you powerfully march
and others hear your voice through the dark.

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