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“Thus, if a knower does not have the resources to interpret those rights and wrongs effectively, from an epistemic point of view she faces an injustice. Not only because she cannot fully comprehend what exactly is happening to her and thus treats a otherwise violation of a norm as the norm, but she has no recourse to contribute a corrective to it within the larger body of knowledge about the wrong. Classic examples of this are post-partum depression and the women who came together to collectively discuss their feelings of isolation. Sexual harassment was and is, for the most part, a continued interpretive and material injustice. From an epistemological point of view, it is simply wrong that a knower does not understand that the unwanted flirtations or consistently uncomfortably perverse commentary from peers can be challenged as harassment. It is also a material wrong, an injustice that has corrective measures. But again, is the knower aware of these measures—and to what extent has she been distanced from these hermeneutical resources?”

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