Update on Privilege: When Communication Breaks Down, Just Listen

This piece was just featured in Time, as a response to a previous article that this blog has thrice referenced–and hopefully readers have read for themselves.

I thought it would be a great example of an epistemic vice, namely that of closed-mindedness. He takes the offense, when he should have listened. This person, presumably a white gay cis-male, gets it completely and utterly wrong. Filled with tropes, poor phraseology, a dismissive tone that only adds to the already polemical nature of this conversation, and is just generally in poor taste, the article creates a hermeneutical gap, that is it creates a homogenous representation of gays and queers as much as it homogenizes black femininity. 

I mentioned to a friend who responded to my previous post that there exists in everyone, even the oppressed, an obligatory capacity to listen. This person needs to listen, read up on literatures espousing the nature of oppression and interesectionality, and listen.

Whatever epistemic friction is being created with this ongoing dialogue of privilege, I do hope someone refines the approach from the queer/gay communicative camp. They can do better.


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